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How to broadcast Your offer to our subscribers for FREE!

Do you have an amazing offer? We’d love to broadcast it to our subscribers at no cost and get these added benefits: 

  • Build a List — collect personal information of every prospect, including name, email, phone, birthdate, and Zip code
  • New Lead Notification– we’ll send you name

Optional Pay-As-You-Go Features:

  • Automated follow-up reminders
  •  AI-powered appointment booking — fills your calendar with
  • Cash-In-Advance — our voucher system puts money into your bank account before you see or speak to your customers
  • Digital Coupon — limits redemptions and tracks customer spending

You specify:

  1. 1Your Offer
  2. 2The Zip code(s) you want to reach

We do the rest! Only 1¢ per subscriber.

Other Services:

Post news about your business in our “Shop local” Facebook groups (FREE!)

Our private Facebook groups are a great place to meet and collaborate with local business owners and managers just like yourself. 


We’ll help you sell your products and services and collect cash in advance — before you see or speak to your customers

Advertise your business on Facebook & Instagram

Our “Co-op” Facebook ads are the smart way to reach thousands of people near you.

Reach 20,000 people for only $99 (less than $0.005 per person).

Reach Every home in the best neighborhoods

Our giant 9×12 Business Directory postcard is delivered to every home in the best neighborhoods. Reach 5,000 homes (10,000+ people) for as little as $37.

Birthday Club

Birthday customers are the best kind because they usually bring friends. Our birthday club supplies a steady flow of birthday customers for your business throughout the year.

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